The era of video has arrived!

We noticed how on social networks they began to add more vibrant, dynamic videos or animations instead of dull static pictures. And video blogs are gaining popularity so quickly that television channels are sobbing from falling ratings.

A number of advantages of video over photo:

• You can add much more information

• Interesting to watch. In the photo you will not see the scattering dust, the text crumbling into small pieces or a smoothly flowing element, sun glares that pass from object to object ... Go to the sea!

• There is a sound that can be used both in information quality and simply supplementing frames (in the background)

• Some products or companies have their own unique sound, upon hearing which people already know what it is (for example, an advertisement for Mr. Proper, or the famous "Halloween Moto")

Naturally, no one forbids beautiful pictures. But then again, if you take some cool shots using amazing video transitions, this will add even more interest to your content.