Logo design is the most important step on the way of organization formation

And not just organizations, but basically everything. This is essentially a photograph on the passport, the face of the company. Try to give him a lot of attention!

The recommendations for choosing a logo are simple - do not bother the designer and try to listen to his recommendations, as logo developers are always up to date with new trends, carefully and carefully study the logos of your competitors and the field of activity. What you need is a technical task:

• The name of the company

• field of activity / description of what you do (what you sell)

• any wishes (for example, "I want a clover leaf in the logo", such as luck =)


This, of course, is a figurative technical task. In practice, in the process of dialogue between the customer and the designer, all the necessary details are clarified.

Who needs a logo? Yes to everyone and everything!

Do you open a store? - make a logo!

Provide any services - logo!

Mobile application, website, games - of course you need a logo!

Even if you are a blogger, be sure to make yourself a logo that will be used in your videos, intro. It’s a good idea to insert it into the corner of the video screen (as TV channels do). This will add uniqueness to your content and recognition in principle.