Advertising media can be listed endlessly, because your tea mug logo is also considered advertising. It all depends on your ideas. Graphic design can be applied to absolutely everything, the main thing is to do it competently and harmoniously.

If you don’t have a good, creative idea for delivering information to consumers, write me an email and we’ll work out something together.

Another important factor in advertising is that not always a cool, expensive design (for example, a banner) will work. If you are advertising a BMW and sculpt a banner in the subway, it is unlikely that your phone will burn from calls =). It is already better to choose a roadway or settlements in which wealthy people live.

Why am I writing all this ... Most often, when ordering design development, nobody will even try to recommend you anything. Agree, designers are more likely to meet with advertising, new trends, technologies and statistics of advertising. Therefore, a good designer will not only do everything according to your technical task, but also, if possible, will give certain recommendations.

Advertising design development can be divided into 2 categories: printed materials and electronic

• banner for billboard

• flyer / flyer

• booklet

• business card

• poster / poster

• product / service presentation

• banner for the site

• advertising picture for the tape in the social network

• advertising story on social networks

• landing page

• electronic presentations

• execution of a commercial offer